Saturday, July 16, 2016


 Once clean, then we painted with POR15 where it was bare or rusty. Any sound original paint was left so the factory painted chassis numbers are still visible

The firewall stayed on the chassis so all the wiring was undisturbed.

Then all the bits get bolted in, on and together and the long suffering spare engine installed. 

This is now the 5th car that has been powered by this engine. It was from B429CD that was used in the film "Rikky and Pete"

Once all together, what else could we do but bolt a couple of seats on and give it a go!

                                          Lightweight Mk VI Bentley 

Up and down, round and round, sorting and adjusting. Gearbox was very noisy. Pulled it out and replaced the input shaft bearings. Still noisy so pulled it again and replaced all the bearings. Much better! Makes sense...the story was that it was dismantled in 1977 because of gearbox noise.

Meanwhile work was progressing on the replacement body from B27AJ. We had mounted it on a trailer axle to move it around but the inevitable day arrived when I could no longer put off, putting it on!

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