Sunday, April 17, 2011

Old advertisements

                                                             This is my favourite.
                                             The sheep would keep a nice polish on the chrome.


I have a great weakness for old car adds.  I love the 'old world' feel, a simpler, less complicated life. Especially if you had enough money to afford one of these when new. But the choices. Do we buy the Bentley or that nice 5 bedroom country house


Received a lovely note and photos from Casey and Rebecca. They used The gold and the black Mk VI Bentleys for their Wedding on 10/10/10.  A little bit wet at times but we all had fun.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Liz and Scott

 After a crazy rush to get Black Ben's generator generating it was a glorious Autumn day at the Bay. Sunny with a light breeze. The beautiful couple and elegant guests were!
 The ceremony was under the Lighthouse so we missed out on that. Stayed with the cars and watched the dolphins and the constant stream visitors and determined walkers. And.....THE GOAT. We had just been reminiscing about the Lighthouse goats and looked over the side and there it was, a black and white goat happily cropping the cliff. Maybe 'Parks' will allow just the one to stay?
Hope to post some pics soon. Lisa promised to send some on. I took the camera but of course I just took pics of the cars!